Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I went to a friend's home-art-gallery-music-party last weekend and brought along a few old corks with my blog address stapled to them. I figured it was a new way to broach the topic of spreading my blog along with talking to some fellow younger, like-minded people, about wine. The response I got was incredible. More than I had ever thought before, people were so insanely enthusiastic about wine and trying new things, open to suggestions and my opinions, and presented themselves as sponges as I broke out of my normal modest shell and spilled a little (wine) knowledge with them. What I found more than anything else was the emphasis on value. I realize that the economy is down and most everyone is strapped for cash, but from a demographic standpoint, I see my generation as twenty-somethings just getting into wine, skeptical to spend more than $10 on a bottle unless they really know what they're talking about or splurging for a special occasion. My mantra for the night was that $10 is more than enough for a lovely bottle of wine, especially if you are exploring your avenues. The only way to start getting into more specific regions, varietals, and price points, is by starting out with the basics, and luckily, it won't break the bank to do so.

I'm super keen on tasting groups for people who are remotely interested in wine. I've been wanting for some time now to set up a tasting group with some friends mixed with fellow wine geeks, so that those with the know how can share their experience and thought with the novice, but also so that the up and coming wine aficionados can spill the raw basics on what they think of what they're tasting. It's a win-win for everyone involved as far as I'm concerned. If everyone had a $15 budget to get a bottle of wine from the local store, even from specific regions or varietals, it would turn out as quite a successful tasting I'm sure. One can never know EVERYTHING about wine, and the newbies and pros both thrive off what one and other has to bring to the table, quite literally.