Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After reading my last post, just a few minutes ago, I realize I am pandering MAINLY to the readers who have quite a bit of knowledge of wine, and a rather sophisticated palate. I really hate that in a way. My goal is to reach out to friends and family, and share my knowledge in a way they can access, to break it on down in a way. Simply put, the Triton 2005 is a beast of a wine.

It will make your tongue scratchy and wish you had a toothbrush, but before you actually want to spit it out, it will soften in your mouth. The wine will teach you what 'new oak' means when aging a wine. With some food, a steak perhaps or some roasted pork, this wine will dance the night away. Decant or aerate it and it's ready to drink in a second. If you are into Spanish wines and want to spend a few more dollars and have the patience to age a wine, this is one to consider.
Sorry to confuse or down-talk, I'm at a crux in my wine-blogging-learning life.
I hope you enjoy.