Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Morning?

Like most people, a cup of coffee is practically essential to my morning routine. This morning I was lucky enough to wake up early to my lovely lady already having brewed a pot of the dark water. I scored some fresh-local-roasted-fair-trade-organic-freshly-ground-breakfast-blend (wow what a mouth-full) coffee at the co-op the other day. There's nothing better than having a few hours before work to take my time winding up for the day. Unfortunately after I had read through the morning news and sipped through my first dose of daily fuel, my stomach pains overtook me as I simultaneously noticed the curdled cream stuck to the sides and huddled at the bottom of my mug. Bum bum bummer! Apparently the half and half from a week ago expired far sooner than I anticipated, and upon inspection it's aroma resembled that of the moldy provolone cheese I discarded yesterday evening. Maybe I should just start drinking my java black; it would save me a lot of (stomach) pains.